Bernie Sanders May Run For President Again in 2024

Conversations about the 2024 presidential election remain alive and well. With the midterm races coming up in a matter of months, people are already preparing themselves for the next major election afterward.

Multiple times, former President Trump has suggested that he’s planning to run for re-election once more. Trump’s also remained critical of the damage the Biden administration is doing to America.

Meanwhile, Biden has reportedly been telling those closest to him that he’s going to campaign for a second term in office, especially if Trump does the same.

Now, Sen. Bernie Sanders is said to be open to another run at the White House, according to The Hill.

What to Know About Sanders’ Possible Run

The news about the Vermont senator possibly running for the White House again comes after the leak of a memo shared with people close to him.

A spokesperson for Sanders hasn’t denied reports that he may run for the Oval Office once more. However, Sanders ran for president in 2016 and 2020, missing the mark both times.

As it turns out, a huge determining factor in whether or not he runs in 2024 will be the trajectory of the Democrat Party. If the party’s nomination is open and Biden does not run, this would greatly increase the probability of a Sanders 2024 candidacy.

Assuming that Sanders got into the White House in January 2025, by the time he completed just one term in office, he’d be 87-year-old. Then, were he to serve a second presidential term, he’d be leaving the White House at 91-years-old.

Other Democrats, aside from Biden, who are viewed as possible 2024 contenders include Vice President Kamala Harris, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

A Poor Trajectory For Democrats Going Forward

In light of polling going back months now, Democrats are not in the strongest position for election victories.

Some of the worst factors working against the Democrat Party at this time are inflation and the very low approval numbers of Joe Biden.

Biden’s poll numbers in several battleground states are not up to par; although, this has energized momentum for Republicans.

Republicans are focusing their sights on flipping districts that Biden won in the 2020 presidential election.

Once the midterms are over, the GOP’s sights will also turn more towards the 2024 presidential election and ensuring that Democrats don’t keep the White House.

The series of crises that have stemmed from the Biden presidency will absolutely be used against him or any other Democrat who runs for the White House in the next election.

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