Bernie Sanders Berates Crying BABY

Contrary to what people might believe, the Democrats are truly struggling in the 2020 presidential election. There isn’t a single running candidate without major flaws that will prevent them from either securing their party’s nomination or winning against President Trump. The reality is that the Democrat contenders are either suffering from either multiple gaffes, radical, socialist policies which will never fly in a general election, or low poll numbers.

In the case of Democrat contenders, it’s only a matter of time before they start taking out their frustrations on others. That’s what left-wingers do; they act morally superior and accuse others of what they themselves are already doing. This is a reality which Americans witnessed on Tuesday, during Bernie Sanders’ speech at a town hall in New Hampshire.

Fox News reports that Sanders took it upon himself to scold a crying baby during his time amongst supporters.

What Happened at the New Hampshire Town Hall?

During Sanders’ time on stage, a town hall attendee asked him a question about healthcare. As Americans know, Sanders favors Medicare-for-All and providing free healthcare to illegal aliens, at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. Nevertheless, the socialist is still trying to brand his healthcare reform as conducive to the American people. What Sanders isn’t telling people is that if he gets his way, more of their hard-earned money will go to the government, as the quality of healthcare decreases.

During the incident on Tuesday, Sanders followed up with someone who presumably claimed to “cut their pills in half” for rationing purposes. However, before Sanders could get a confirmation, a baby in the audience began to cry. At this point, the socialist whipped his head in the direction of the cries and snapped:

“If we could keep that down a little bit? Okay?! Thanks!”

YIKES! See the incident for yourself:

A Pattern of Rudeness

The incident which transpired on Tuesday is not the first time that Sanders has displayed an impolite attitude while campaigning for office. Last month, the socialist came under fire for the manner in which he treated wait staff at John’s Grill in San Francisco, California. In fact, John Konstin, the owner of the establishment, was so disgusted with Sanders’ behavior that Konstin stated Sanders “lost” his vote.

Running a presidential campaign comes with many challenges. There are going to be setbacks, crying babies in audiences, and bad days. If Sanders is unable to manage these issues without flying off the handle, how will he deal with the many issues which any president of the United States has a duty to manage admirably?

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