Belligerent Airline Passengers Reached New Heights in 2021


The air travel industry hasn’t had the smoothest times, as of late. During the Christmas 2021 holiday season, airline companies were forced to cancel and delay thousands of flights.

Americans later learned these cancellations and delays were due to airline workers catching COVID and therefore being unable to work. However, these holdups with flights have continued into 2022.

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Multiple airlines are either reducing their flight schedules or bumping up salaries in order to get more staffers working. However, these methods aren’t averting the current crisis at hand.

As airlines wrestle against labor shortages, updates from Fox Business reveal that levels of belligerent airline passengers reached new heights last year.

A Deeper Dive into Challenges Facing the Air Travel Industry

The Federal Aviation Administration reported over the course of last year, close to 6,000 incidents occurred with belligerent travelers making a scene on planes. More than 4,000 of these cases trace back to the controversial mask mandate put in place for air travel.

During January 2021, the issues with irate air travelers really started to amp up. This therefore incentivized the Federal Aviation Administration to increase punishments for unruly conduct. Belligerent air travelers can now face anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars in fines to jail time.

Furthermore, airlines have taken the liberty of banning travelers who refuse to wear face coverings and/or who become physically violent towards flight attendants and other airline workers.

Some recent incidents to make headlines in 2021 included a woman knocking out the teeth of a flight attendant and of a man being booted off an airplane for using a thong as a substitute for a face mask.

Could Consequences for Unruly Air Travelers Get Even Worse?

Amid the massive rise in problems with belligerent airline travelers in 2021, some people have said the consequences for these people need to be even more serious.

Currently, travelers who refuse to wear masks or get into confrontations with airline workers can be banned from flying with that particular airline. However, some people are calling for travelers who cause issues to be put on a federal no-fly list.

Suffice it to say, a federal no-fly list would bar these people from being able to fly on any airline. Furthermore, other individuals believe airlines should share lists with one another of travelers who cause problems.

Throughout 2022, time will tell whether or not clashes with belligerent air travelers lessen or increase. At this time, however, many travelers are running into problems with getting to the places they need to be, thanks to record flight cancellations.

What do you think of the many issues facing the air travel industry at this time? Do you think matters will get better or worse with time? Let us know your predictions in the comments feed.