Attorneys For Kari Lake Plan to Drop New Bombshell

Last year, Arizona Republican Kari Lake made ongoing headlines when she campaign to be the next governor of the Grand Canyon State. Lake branded herself as a pro-Trump, inclusive candidate who wanted to bring all people in to her movement.

However, the election resulted in her opponent, now-Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, winning the election by only a few thousand votes. In the wake of this outcome, Lake maintains that the Arizona gubernatorial election of 2022 was fraudulent.

Lake’s also been clear that she’ll take this issue all the way to the US Supreme Court, if necessary. Now, breaking news from the Gateway Pundit shines a light on fresh information obtained by Lake’s lawyers.

A Smoking Gun?

According to attorneys representing Lake in court, they have video footage that shows phony ballots being counted without the proper safeguards.

As part of the Arizona Republican’s litigation, she’s seeking a more thorough inspection of the ballots used in her race against Hobbs.

So far, this request hasn’t been granted. Though with the emergence of the new video, Lake’s attorneys believe this could ultimately tip the scale in her favor.

Reports of ballots being counted in Arizona’s gubernatorial election without the mandatory signature verifications is another issue Lake raised in court.

The Fight Continues

On social media, Kari Lake has been giving her fans and followers consistent updates regarding her litigation of the Arizona governor’s race. Likewise, she’s consistently said that Maricopa County engaged in corruption that it has a duty to answer for.

As for the latest video discovered by Lake’s legal team, Americans will have to wait and see how it all shakes out in a court of law. Though if one thing is certain, it’s that Lake isn’t going to let this go or stop until she’s exhausted every last option there is.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.