Atlanta Rioters Hit With Domestic Terrorism Charges

This month, the Public Safety Training Center in Atlanta, Georgia found itself targeted by violent, vicious rioters. Viral social media footage has shown the protesters hurling Molotov cocktails and getting into physical confrontations with police officers.

Rioters targeted the Atlanta-based training center after deeming it as part of the “Cop City,” which they disapprove of. The violent protests have led to substantial damages, with no telling how much work will need to be done to get everything repaired.

Though in the meantime, the rioters in Atlanta who opted to bring destruction upon the community are now facing domestic terrorism charges, according to Daily Mail.

Consequences For Breaking the Law

The group of 23 individuals facing domestic terrorism charges for their actions in Atlanta is quite extensive.

One of the individuals is an attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center; whereas some of the others are dancers, former teachers, and those who have a history of attending demonstrations that often turn violent.

Some of the charged domestic terrorists are even from outside of the United States. At least one is from Canada, whereas another is from France.

These domestic terrorist charges come after rioters chose to use not just Molotov cocktails, but also fireworks and other weapons to interfere with the Public Safety Training Center in Atlanta.

More From the Atlanta Police Department

Earlier this week, the Atlanta Police Department released not just aerial footage of the attack on the city, but also more information about the rioters who participated.

According to the local police department, the rioters went after not only law enforcement officers, but also equipment on the scene being used for construction. The statement also reveals that bricks and rocks were used to target police and damage property on the scene.

After the arrests happened, Atlanta police confirmed that all of its members exerted personal control and steered clear of using deadly force when apprehending rioters amid the chaos.

Finally, the Atlanta Police Department urged for any future protests in the community to be peaceful and free of violence. While the right to protest is well protected by the First Amendment, rioting, vandalism, assault, battery, and destruction of property are not constitutionally-protected acts.

They’re criminal offenses.

What’s transpired in Atlanta over just the course of this month alone arrives as the city has a decades-long history of being controlled by Democratic leaders. Even before the attacks on the Public Safety Training Center, crime in Atlanta remained an outstanding issue.

Do you think Atlanta is going to continue struggling with lawlessness and violent demonstrations? Are you surprised to learn that many of the rioters are not from Georgia, with some also being from other countries? You can let us know in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.