'As If It Never Existed:' Cook County Clerk's Office Stunned as Smollett Case File Vanishes From Records System

Anyone who has been paying attention to the Jussie Smollett saga knows that there are so many elements of this story which simply don’t add up.
However, new developments have affirmed that Smollett’s case file has mysteriously disappeared, as documented by Townhall.

A Briefing

Earlier this year, Smollett alleged that two white men attacked him in the cold streets of Chicago in the wee hours of the morning. The Empire actor claimed that his assailants poured bleach on him, called him various racial and homophobic slurs and yelled, “this is MAGA country.”
Fast forward to the investigation and Smollett’s story rapidly began falling apart. The two “white men” who attacked him turned out to be Nigerian brothers who acted as extras on the set of Empire. Additional probing into Smollett’s story unearthed video footage of the brothers purchasing ski masks and red caps.
Weeks later, Smollett faced indictments for multiple felony counts pertaining to falsifying his story and lying to officers. However, the charges were mysteriously dropped earlier this week and the Smollett case was sealed.

Getting off Easy

It shocked many Americans for Smollett to go from facing multiple indictments to having all charges dropped and getting his case sealed. As a matter of fact, it seems a little too convenient. News of the dropped charges came amidst reports that Smollett completed community service and forfeited his $10,000 bond.
However, today, we learned that Smollett’s case has been completely wiped from the database of the Cook County clerk’s office. Anyone with half a brain knows that this stinks to high heaven.

Having Connections

Attention is now being turned to Kim Foxx,  former chief of staff to Michelle Obama. The new developments in this case have prompted speculations about whether or not Foxx had some involvement in doing away with the case against Smollett.
Foxx not only shares ties with the Obamas, but also with the Smollett family; she furthermore attempted to personally run interference in the Smollett case.
Due to Foxx’s aforementioned involvement, the Chicago police are now calling for Foxx to be investigated. Neither the police nor the prosecutors believe that Smollett is innocent of the charges against him.

Do the recent turns in the Smollett saga seem a little too convenient to you? Do you believe that Foxx had a hand in getting the charges dropped and having the case sealed? Sound off with your thoughts, theories, and concerns in the comments section down below!
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