Arizona Governor’s Press Secretary Lands in Hot Water

It’s been less than a week since a mass shooter opened fire at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee. Six people, including three kids, ended up losing their lives before law enforcement managed to subdue the shooter.

In the wake of this tragedy, Democrats have called for more gun control, assigned blame to Christians, placed blame on conservatives, and otherwise done more to fan the flames.

However, the press secretary for Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs took things even further, prompting outrage and calls for her termination, as reported by New York Post.

Wildly Inappropriate

As it turns out the Nashville shooter was transgender, Hobbs’ press secretary, Josselyn Berry, tweeted out a meme of a woman wielding one pistol in each hand. The caption of Berry’s post also declared that this is “us” when “transphobes” are around.

This happened mere hours after the Nashville shooting, prompting mass criticism. Americans warned that the Arizona governor’s press secretary was only inciting more violence and increasing the likelihood of more people getting hurt.

On top of calls for Hobbs to fire Berry, Americans also raised questions about why Twitter didn’t remove this post or place any limits on it. After all, incitement to violence is supposed to be not allowed under the current management/rules of the social media platform.

Berry is Out

In the wake of the controversy, Arizona’s governor put out a short, brief statement about the incident that transpired with her press secretary.

Hobbs informed that she doesn’t support violence and that Berry’s statement isn’t reflective of the Hobbs administration. Likewise, the Arizona governor confirmed that Berry has since resigned from her post as press secretary.

It’s unclear if Berry resigned of her own volition or if she was pressured to do so, in the wake of her incitement to violence on Twitter.