Are You Kidding Me? That's Why This Democratic Clown Mocked Trump For Visiting Alabama Tornado Victims…

As the left-wing’s hatred of President Trump continues to intensify, they are becoming more and more unhinged and rabid. This was demonstrated as recently as last week when Democrats went after the president for signing Bibles which belonged to his supporters in Alabama.
Of course, the reasoning behind the censure turned out to be quite silly, as documented by Townhall.

The Reason Behind the Criticism

It turns out that the massive outrage against President Trump boiled down to one thing: a lack of clarity on why the president chose to visit Alabama in the first place.
That’s right! The people who ripped into Trump for having the audacity to sign Bibles didn’t even know why he went to Alabama in the first place. This revelation comes via the admission of House Rep. Ted Lieu. In a now-deleted tweet, the congressman posted the following:

“WE ARE IN THE THIRD WEEK OF THE NATIONAL EMERGENCY! Can you feel the emergency? Is this why @realDonaldTrump is going to Alabama, because we need to build a wall along Alabama’s southern border? Oh wait, I just looked at the map…#FridayMorning Thoughts.”

At some point, Lieu realized that President Trump was going to Alabama in order to observe the devastation which followed after a natural disaster. This became evident via the congressman’s updated social media posts via Twitter:

The Lesson to be Learned

As absurd as Lieu’s remarks were, there is certainly a lesson to be learned. The next time Democrats elect to get on their high horse of moral outrage, they should probably make sure that they have all the facts.
Lieu, like the other members of his party, never pass up an opportunity to slam the president. At this point, however, it’s gotten to be quite ridiculous, yet very revealing of the Trump Derangement Syndrome which is rampant amongst the left-wing.
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