Are the Democrats Bent on Suicide?

The overt radicalism and extremism of the Democrat Party have raised questions about whether or not they are bent on political suicide, as seen by Townhall.

The Radicalism of the Left-Wing

The Democrats’ support of the Green New Deal is attracting a considerable amount of censure. Even some individuals who traditionally lean left are calling the proposal an unrealistic pipe dream which will never happen. Changing all buildings within the United States, doing away with air travel, ending gas cars, and providing financial aid to individuals who are “unwilling” to work are some of the most ambitious aims which comprise the Green New Deal.
As many Democratic presidential candidates throw their support behind this ridiculous proposal, Americans are watching. Even more so, Americans are questioning exactly how many lives would have to be turned upside down in order for the Democrats to get their way. The one saving grace is that the Green New Deal is so extreme and so far-left that its likelihood of garnering enough support to successfully pass through Congress is a virtual zero.

The Toxicity of Radicalism

The left-wing’s descent into radicalism is quite ironic when one actually sits down and takes time to think about it. Democrats have become so enamored with sticking it to Trump that they’ve lost all sense, logic, and reason. When the president makes a proposal, Democrats make an alternative one, only they go 1,000 feet in the opposite direction.
However, they still have yet to realize the ultimate reality: If Democrats do not cease initiating and supporting radically left policies, they’re going to spend another four years being outraged and wondering why President Trump won the election!
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