AOC’s War Against WaPo’s Fact-Checker Is Hilarious

Once again, House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has found herself in the press for yet another outrageous incident. The newly elected congresswoman recently got into a battle with Glenn Kessler, a fact-checker for the Washington Post, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Closer Look at the War Between Ocasio-Cortez and Kessler

On Thursday, Kessler posted a piece alleging that Ocasio-Cortez misrepresented critical information pertaining to living wages and minimum wages. Kessler also noted that the congresswoman is “fast and loose” with her facts; moreover, Kessler and Ocasio-Cortez were reportedly not on the best of terms prior to the publication of his piece.
It goes without saying that the fact-checking of Ocasio-Cortez did not improve her relationship with Kessler. The congresswoman rapidly fired back against him on Twitter; she stated that Kessler used “a Walmart-funded think tank” in order to reference the assertions in his fact-checking piece.
Kessler, however, did not back down. The Washington Post fact-checker slammed Ocasio-Cortez, stating that she is wrong in her assertions about living wages and minimum wages.

After receiving backlash from others, even left-leaning individuals, Ocasio-Cortez begrudgingly backed down via Twitter:

“I am criticizing the rationale of saying we should trust a questioned source paper because of a standing friendship and X admin, bc neither preclude the possibility of revolving door politics – if the tweet read as though I was going after @JasonFurmon [sic] specifically, I apologize.”

More on Ocasio-Cortez

This latest development about Ocasio-Cortez should not really come as a shock to anyone who has been paying attention. The congresswoman frequently spars with people on Twitter and has attracted condemnation in the press for her frequent blunders on important political matters. It appears as though this trend will not be changing anytime soon.
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