AOC Wants YOUR Tax Dollars to Fund Illegal Aliens

Radical progressives truly love spending other people’s money. Of course, they’ll try to repackage this by claiming that wealthy Americans need to “pay their fair share” and whatnot.

Additionally, progressives are not above calling upon the United States government to sanction criminal activity; this is something which people have witnessed as 2020 Democrats call to decriminalize unlawful border crossings. To be frank, it’s really quite sad, but this is where the Democrat Party is in 2019.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW 2019 by nrkbeta, on Flickr

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW 2019” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by nrkbeta

On Thursday, House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attended a town hall and spent time talking about which illegal aliens should be given welfare, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation. In a nutshell, Ocasio-Cortez is suffering from the misguided delusion that illegal aliens somehow “contribute” to society and are therefore entitled to YOUR hard-earned money!

Why AOC Wants You to Take Home Less Money

By her own admission, Ocasio-Cortez believes that your money would be better spent going to welfare for illegal aliens. During this town hall, the congresswoman shared remarks about legislation called The Embrace Act and alleged that illegal aliens are “discriminated” against. What Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem to grasp is that holding criminals accountable for their transgressions is NOT “discrimination.”

In the congresswoman’s own words:

“It’s kind of a next level piece of legislation, and it is something that people are going to say ‘Why would you do that?’ I believe that we need to acknowledge the contributions that immigrants make in America. If you, contribute to our society, I believe that you should benefit from our society.”

See Ocasio-Cortez’s flawed logic for yourself:

Protecting Your Hard-Earned Money

The best way to protect your hard-earned money is stop electing radical socialists like Ocasio-Cortez into office. Raising taxes on American citizens in order to fund welfare for illegal aliens is an absolute nightmare. Left-wingers have no regard for the money which Americans actually work for and earn; this is why they see no issue with raising YOUR taxes in order to fund their big government programs.

What do you think about House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s interest in using YOUR taxpayer dollars to pay for illegal aliens? Sound off in the comments section below!