AOC Uses Burner Twitter Account to Wish Death on Matt Walsh

Did Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez make a murder threat against right-wing writer Matt Walsh on social media using a “burner” profile?

AOC Wishes Harm on Walsh

It seems that AOC attacked Matt Walsh and “Libs of TikTok,” along with other Republicans and conservatives using an unknown “burner” profile.

The New York Democrat freaked and erased her tweet after realizing she unintentionally used her alternate Twitter profile, “Zaza Demon,” to reply in the first person.

Following a message from AOC in which the user “Joe Biden Hates Black People” reminded her of how she donates to Nazis, a strange Twitter account called “Zaza Demon” replied in the first person.

The account was laughing and inquiring about what made them think that she has ever done something in support of Nazis. She ended her reply by stating that the poster needed help.

The “Zaza Devil” profile also expressed a desire for Matt Walsh, a right-leaning writer, to die. Matt recently tweeted that he arrived at the understanding years previously that the trans movement is the ultimate evil that the country confronts.

AOC Calls Matt a Freak

AOC’s response was nothing short of hateful.

She responded on her “burner” account by calling Matt a horrible little freak and stating she could not wait for the day when he angered a trans person who was as insane as he allegedly believes trans people to be.

Her response does not outright say that she wants a trans person to harm or kill Matt Walsh, but it’s clearly implied.

One can’t help but notice the party that claims to fight for freedoms also often encourages the violation of freedoms of anyone who opposes their agendas or does not share in their opinions and values.

Surely, since she and the trans community have the freedom of speech, so does Matt Walsh.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.