AOC Throws Twitter Tantrum Because Democrats Won't Impeach Trump

The left-wing’s campaign to impeach President Trump continues to get more absurd with each passing day. Since the inception of Trump’s time in office, Democrats have been talking about impeaching him.

First, they claimed that the Mueller probe would provide all that’s needed to successfully impeach; when that didn’t work, the Democrat Party then moved to claiming that Trump obstructed justice during the Mueller investigation. This, just like the claim that the president colluded with the Russian government in order to win the 2016 election, turned out to be untrue.

Progressives have been putting immense pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other higher-ups within the Democrat Party to move towards impeachment. However, Pelosi continues to disappoint progressives, saying that “we need the facts” and “we’ll go there if we have to go there.” To be clear, even Pelosi knows there’s no grounds to impeach the president, even if she won’t come out and say this.

As reality sets in, certain progressives aren’t too thrilled. As a matter of fact, Fox News reports that House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a meltdown on Twitter last night because the Democrat Party won’t impeach Trump.

What You Need to Know about AOC’s Latest Meltdown

Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter yesterday and blasted both President Trump and the Democrat Party. The congresswoman alleged that Trump is engaging in “lawbreaking behavior” and stated that Democrats’ “refusal” to impeach is a “bigger national scandal.”

As you can imagine, Ocasio-Cortez declined to mention exactly which behaviors of the president she views as “lawbreaking.” At this point, progressives have become so enamored with hating Trump that they don’t even know why they hate him.

Nevertheless, the tweet from Ocasio-Cortez reads as follows:

She then later posted another tweet stating that Republicans are “refusing to act” and claiming that Democrats shouldn’t follow suit:

The Peak State of Trump Derangement Syndrome

In all frankness, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other radical progressives would do well to truly look into why members of their own party are hesitant about moving to impeach President Trump. If they relinquished the rabid abhorrence of the president for two seconds, they would realize that there is simply zero grounds for impeachment. This is why Nancy Pelosi continues to claim that Democrats are investigating and searching for “facts.”

The antics which Americans are witnessing from Congress members like Ocasio-Cortez should be a warning to everyone. This is why socialists shouldn’t be elected to serve in any capacity of the United States government. Disliking the president, disagreeing with his policies, or being annoyed by his tweets are not grounds for impeachment.

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