Antifa Unleashes New Year's Eve Onslaught on Multiple Businesses

"antifa 8973ag" (CC BY 2.0) by cantfightthetendies

Most Americans have heard of Antifa. Despite the group’s self-professed claims as “anti-fascists,” Antifa earned a reputation as a left-wing militant group that employs fascist tactics to get what it wants.

“antifa 8973ag” (CC BY 2.0) by cantfightthetendies

In recent months, Antifa anarchists have brawled in the streets with Trump supporters and Proud Boys. Antifa is furthermore known to attack Trump supporters at various events and protests; this happened multiple times last month when loyalists of the president gathered in Washington D.C. to protest the current results of the 2020 race.
According to Breitbart News, though, Antifa used New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to carry out additional attacks upon communities.

Antifa on New Year’s Eve

In Seattle, Washington, Antifa took it upon themselves to descend upon local businesses and establishments in the community. The leftist militant organization threw fireworks and gasoline-filled glasses into businesses; additional acts of Antifa involved vandalism and throwing eggs at law enforcement officers.
As the violence increased, Seattle police officers eventually declared Antifa’s presence as an “unlawful assembly.” Multiple arrests were made as individuals in the “anti-fascist” group destroyed windows on buildings, burned flags, and even held up traffic on the roads.

The overall target of these acts appears to be small businesses. These are the community establishments that Antifa regularly goes after. Due to the extent and nature of the onslaught this past Thursday, the attacks appear to be meticulous and planned ahead of time.

Riots Across America

Unfortunately, Antifa descended upon additional communities the other night. Along with Seattle, Washington, Antifa caused a ruckus in Portland, Oregon as well.
Video footage online shows the militant leftist group going after police officers and tossing objects at them. In the footage, the law enforcement officers are actually seen moving backward while Antifa members proceed forward. Likewise, Portland police struggled with using pepper spray to subdue the group.

Antifa members in Portland then took the liberty of setting different fires along with wreaking destruction against the city’s federal courthouse. Multiple businesses in Portland also faced vandalism and decimation as Antifa busted open windows and stole property.
Various videos online can be found of the carnage and chaos that Antifa caused on the very last night of 2020. The group has also consistently rioted in communities that are run by liberals and Democrat politicians.
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