Anti-gun Lawmakers Attempt to Bring a Child-sized Coffin onto the House Floor

Two lawmakers from the state of Tenessee who were previously expelled got recently reinstated into office. They made an appearance at the Capitol building, carrying coffins during a gun regulation protest.

Democrats Justin Jones and Justin Pearson came to the protest in order to call for government action regarding additional restrictions on gun ownership. They came with coffins representing the many lives that were lost due to gun violence.

Symbolism for symbolism’s sake doesn’t justify it

As detached from reality as always, Democrats failed to consider the many implications their coffin-carrying would have, on top of not understanding how important gun ownership is in actually preventing crime.

Jones was only reinstated to General Assembly a week ago; he abused his power to try and bring a child-sized casket into the legislature, which he wasn’t allowed to do.

The prop never made it onto the floor of the assembly. The sergeant-at-arms did a great job at preventing the deranged liberal from subjecting everyone present to the imagery of a child coffin.

Pearson tried to do the exact same thing; although upon noticing Jones was blocked, he remained at the door to the assembly. He knew he’d be unable to force his agenda onto the Tennessee General Assembly members.

Left can’t understand the importance of 2nd Amendment

Jones and Pearson are part of the infamous Tennessee Three, along with Rep. Gloria Johnson, who aided them in interrupting the March 30th House session. This happened only three days after the gruesome Nashville shooting happened.

Three nine-year-olds and three adults were murdered in cold blood by a transgender activist at a Nashville middle school; several copycat shooting attempts would follow only weeks after.

The entire trio faced expulsion for disorderly behavior. The crowd was amazed that Johnson wasn’t spearheading the protest with a bullhorn, rallying the gun control protesters.

Gun control is a highly sensitive topic in the US. The left keeps spinning the stories in their favor, claiming additional regulation is necessary in order to get crime rates under control.

However, if you look at Democrat-run cities, they’re overrun with crime. The citizens have no means of protecting themselves, with the police being just as useless, seeing as their guns have been taken away.

Our 2nd Amendment rights are to be protected; while the woke mob has gone after both the 1st and 2nd Amendments multiple times, they’ve failed on every occasion.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.