Anti-Black Lives Matter Demonstrators Paint Over BLM Mural

"Police approach" (CC BY 2.0) by Fibonacci Blue

For many weeks now, the voices and calls from Black Lives Matter have increased. The group has managed to pressure certain Democrat mayors into defunding local police departments; meanwhile, Black Lives Matter is calling to defund the police and alleging that systemic racism remains rampant and everpresent in the United States.
Despite Black Lives Matter’s strong support from Democrats, they are not without critics or detractors. Many Americans have slammed the group for vilifying officers and painting the United States as a terrible, racist place.

Over the weekend, some of the individuals who oppose the Black Lives Matter movement went further than posting on social media. According to Washington Examiner, two individuals in California painted over a Black Lives Matter mural while condemning the group altogether.

Dissent Against the Black Lives Matter Movement

On the 4th of July, two anti-Black Lives Matter demonstrators made their grievances with the movement known in Martinez, California. While the woman used black paint to cover the Black Lives Matter mural, the man accompanying her professed that “no one” is eager to have Black Lives Matter in their community.

He also continued, slamming the narrative which the Black Lives Matter movement often espouses. The demonstrator explained that claims about systemic oppression, racism, and police brutality are “[lies.]”
Black Lives Matter murals have popped up in various places across the nation since their latest protests and demonstrations, some of which have regressed into violent riots.

Legal Action to Come

Manjit Sappal, the police chief of Martinez, condemned the two individuals who painted over the Black Lives Matter mural.
Sappal professed that the two individuals involved engaged in a “hateful and senseless” manner. The police chief additionally claimed that members of the Martinez community spent considerable amounts of time putting the mural together mere hours before the two individuals on camera covered it up with paint.

Many supporters of Black Lives Matter have condemned the two individuals for painting over the mural in California. With that in mind, there seems to be a lot less anger towards Black Lives Matter individuals who killed an 8-year-old girl in Atlanta, Georgia on the same night the mural was painted over.
What do you think about the two individuals in California who painted over the Black Lives Matter mural and criticized the group’s narrative? Were they right or wrong? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.