Another Major Company Goes Down ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’ Drain

Whiskey producer Jim Beam seems to have decided to go down the “go woke, go broke” drain after it chose to promote transgenderism.

It wound up producing a video in favor of “trans kids,” likely the most disgusting arm of the gender ideology targeting the most innocent to crush the American family.

Grandfather Encouraged to ‘Transition’ Grandson

The “go woke, go broke” phenomenon is already well established.

Corporations dominated by Marxist-Communist leaders try to brainwash their customers with insane “social justice” policies, only to find consumers of all backgrounds start to abandon their brands.

One of the latest companies to go woke in a repulsive manner is Canadian clothing company Simons, which produced a film and commercial in favor of “assisted dying,” a Hot Air report notes.

The same report points out that Clermont, Kentucky-based whiskey producer Jim Beam is now also moving in that direction – except the alcohol maker made a video to support “transing kids.”

Jim Beam’s three-minute transgenderism film shows a grandfather who learns to put makeup on himself to be able to present his transgender grandson with a “makeover” for Christmas.

The Jim Beam video emphasizes how the grandfather is “of course embracing” the grandson’s “new identity” as a girl; so much so that the grandparent is going to great lengths to help the boy claiming to be a girl “come out to his family.”

The report notes the video gives a feeling of “how nice” – except what it shows is “not nice,” but “horrible,” as the commercial is terribly inappropriate.

Hot Air author David Strom declares the whiskey maker’s transgender video to be “incredibly stupid and insensitive,” even if Jim Beam’s intentions may somehow be perceived as “good.”


‘Have a Drink, Have Trans Sex’

What’s probably even more important, the author stresses that major whisky corporations have no business getting involved in “the gender wars.” For whatever reason, Jim Bean has now become one of those international corporations that have moved to “go 100% woke.”

Moreover, the whisky producer’s website features a whole section dedicated to its plan to change “society along woke lines.” The report emphasized Jim Beam had joined “all the ESG BS.”

Apparently, the alcohol maker is sending the message that drinking “responsibly” goes with “responsible” sex fun with a “diverse playmate.”

The author clarifies that Jim Beam’s transgenderism crusade is a brand new demonstration of which the Marxist-Communist left is “shoving” its sickening radical, totalitarian agenda “in our faces.”

The report declares that the Jim Beam campaign showing a perverted grandfather “prettying up” his grandson must not be normalized, as it is plain wrong on every conceivable level.

The commercial’s likely adverse effects for the whisky producer are yet to play out.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.