Another Central American Migrant Caravan Is Forming

New reports from The Daily Caller News Foundation are reporting that yet another Central American migrant caravan is forming and preparing to move. The only catch is they’re supposedly not heading for the United States.

An Overview of the New Central American Migrants

The new Central American migrant caravan is reportedly comprised of 15,000 individuals. The migrants are furthermore scheduled to begin their trek outside of Honduras on January 15, 2019. Various Mexican news outlets maintain that the migrants are hoping to work on reforestation and railroad projects.

A spokesperson from the Reactiva Tijuana Foundation provided the following public statement to the press on Monday:

“We assume that this caravan will pick up more people in El Salvador and Guatemala. But their aim is to arrive in Chiapas and request work there.”

Only time will tell…

The Timing of the New Migrant Caravan

The timing of news that additional migrants will leave Honduras comes at a very interesting time. Right now, President Trump and Democratic leaders remain deadlocked in a fierce, political battle over immigration. Weeks ago, the previous migrant caravan engaged in violence by launching rocks at Border Patrol agents. This prompted the agents to launch tear gas in order for the violent crowd to disperse.

The president and liberal lawmakers are also at odds over the provision of funds for his border wall. Last Friday, the government shut down due to the Democrats’ refusal to work with President Trump on immigration. Yesterday, Trump announced that the border will be completely closed if Democratic leaders continue to stonewall his attempts to enact true and effective border security.

Right now, only time will reveal the intentions and motivations of the new Central American migrant caravan.


What are your thoughts? Do you believe the new caravan is really not going to head for the United States? Let us know in the comments down below.

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