Another Caravan Is Scheduled to Arrive at the Border Just In Time For Trump's State of the Union Address

Another migrant caravan is currently on track to arrive at the United States Southern border; interestingly enough, their arrival will come just in time for President Trump’s highly anticipated State of the Union address, according to Townhall.

Reviewing the Latest Caravan

The latest caravan which is set to arrive at America’s Southern borders is reportedly comprised of 12,000 migrants. Border patrol agents are very much aware of this and have already begun making the proper preparations. The Pentagon already stated that 3,750 troops are being deployed to the border due to the magnitude of the approaching caravan.
It goes without saying that illegal immigration and the situation at the Southern border are glaringly controversial subject matters at this time. However, the media is still covering all that is happening. One migrant, in particular, received a fair amount of coverage for openly bragging about plans to unlawfully enter the United States.
Antonio Morales from El SalvadorĀ gloated to the press:

“For security reasons, I cannot say which way we are going to take. Plus, if Mr. Donald Trump is watching, I can’t tell you where I’m going to go to get into your country.”

The State of the Union Address

President Trump is highly likely to discuss the situation at the Southern border during tonight’s State of the Union address. His statements to the nation come at a time where only ten days remain until the legislation to keep government open expires.
As Democrats did prior to the most recent government shutdown, they continue to affirm their refusal to compromise with the president. Therefore, talk of declaring a national emergency to build the border has come up. However, certain Republicans are concerned that Congress may not accept the aforementioned declaration.
Despite the inaction from the Democrats, the need for effective border security becomes more and more obvious. What does it say about our current immigration crisis when migrants are comfortable with openly bragging about their plans to illegally enter the United States?
How do you feel about the newest migrant caravan? What do you think President Trump will say about the immigration crisis during his State of the Union address? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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