America’s ‘Disastrous’ Illegal Invasion, as Judge Kills Trump’s Expulsion Policy

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The already unprecedented invasion of the United States of America by millions of illegal immigrants is about to become “disastrous,” key Republicans have warned.

This red alert comes after a US District Judge ruled to terminate Title 42, the Trump-era policy allowing the expulsion of vast numbers of migrants on COVID-19 public health grounds.

2.4 Million Illegals Expelled under Title 42

More than 5.5 million illegal immigrants, including at least 1 million undetected gotaways, have waltzed into the United States, the vast majority of them through the Southern Border. It’s all gotten much worse since Democrat President Joe “Open Border” Biden occupied the White House 21 months ago.

Close to half of those, including the getaways, remain inside the United States, while millions have been expelled based on Title 42 of the United States Code.

The measure was adopted in March 2020, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, as per a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention order. It was based on the 1944 Public Health Service Act.

Washington, DC-based US District Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled on Tuesday in favor of lifting Title 42, arguing that violated the Administrative Procedure Act in an “arbitrary and capricious” way.

Sullivan’s ruling came in a suit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against the Biden administration.

ACLU’s lawyer, Lee Gelernt, who insisted Title 42 was a hurdle to “lawful asylum claims,” welcomed the ruling by stating that the policy “was never about public health.”

He described the Trump-era policy as a “charade” which hindered “desperate asylum seekers” from “getting a hearing.”

Gelernt also described the ruling as being of “enormous significance” for the “asylum seekers,” i.e., illegal immigrants.

The US authorities have expelled over 2.4 illegal immigrants under Title 42 since its order was issued more than 2.5 years ago.

The US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security could technically appeal the verdict terminating the anti-illegal immigration policy but such a development is considered highly unlikely.

‘Border Is Wide Open, Drug Cartels!’

That is because the Biden administration has previously tried to terminate Title 42, and the public health order was kept alive only by previous court rulings allowing it to stand as early as May of this year.

Even so, there have been reports that the Biden administration has been releasing inside the US crowds of illegal migrants known to be infected with COVID-19.

High-profile Republicans have reacted to the termination of Title 42 by predicting an even bigger illegal immigration apocalypse at the US-Mexican border.

The National Border Patrol Council lamented on Twitter that the Biden administration “has done absolutely nothing” in preparation for the potential killing of Title 42.

It said that while things with illegal immigration in the US “are bad now,” there is a real “s— show that’s coming.”

Texas US Rep. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician, said a new illegal migrant surge was coming, and urged his Twitter followers to pray for America’s “brave Border Patrol agents.”

Texas’ GOP Governor, Greg Abbott who has invoked the Invasion Clause of the US and Texas constitutions because of the illegals, said the US District Judge’s ruling was “reckless” and would prove to be “disastrous.”

He added it showed the Mexican drug cartels and the illegals that the US border “is wide open.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.