Americans Protest Coronavirus Restrictions at Idaho State Capitol

"Close-up of two protective face masks at" (CC BY 2.0) by Ivan Radic

March 2021 has marked a turning point of sorts for COVID-19 restrictions. Multiple Republican governors have announced their executive orders that will roll back statewide mask mandates and capacity limitations imposed on businesses.

This turning point is largely celebrated by Republicans, while fiercely condemned by Democrats. Yet, the lifting of government mandates doesn’t bar individuals or businesses from making decisions about masks and capacity limits on their own volition.

“Discarded Face Mask Miami” (CC BY 2.0) by Phillip Pessar

Many Americans are ultimately growing increasingly more exasperated with coronavirus restrictions. Therefore, states that are not lifting their mandates are now seeing more and more forms of social protest.

On Saturday, Americans gathered at Idaho’s State Capitol as a means of protesting their governor’s ongoing coronavirus restrictions, Washington Examiner confirms.

The Protest at the Idaho State Capitol

Yesterday, parents and children gathered at the Idaho State Capitol to make a statement against the ongoing restrictions in their communities. As a means of peaceful protest, these demonstrators tossed face coverings into trashcans made of metal and then promptly set these masks on fire.

Darr Moon, an organizer of the Idaho State Capitol demonstration, spoke with the media yesterday. Moon explained that the protest exists for the purposes of “[reining] back” the government; he also noted that there are necessary boundaries that the government has overstepped with its coronavirus restrictions.

Furthermore, multiple demonstrations against COVID-19 restrictions have occurred in the state of Idaho. Like other communities across the nation, Idaho residents are eager for their freedoms and are not supportive of these ongoing government mandates.

Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions Across America

The pattern of lifting coronavirus restrictions across the country is currently set. Texas, Mississippi, West Virginia, etc. are already doing it; furthermore, there are states like Georgia and South Dakota which never had mask mandates to begin with.

Videos of the mask-burning protests went semi-viral on Saturday. Many conservatives praised the demonstrators; however, Democrats criticized them. At the end of the day, though, this month continues to show that the tide is turning. Furthermore, as more Americans witness governors lifting restrictions in certain states, pressure for additional leaders to do the same will ensue.

Conservatives also continue to remind supporters of coronavirus restrictions that they can still wear masks and social distance, even in the absence of a compulsory government mandate.

What are your thoughts on the mask-burning display at the Idaho State Capitol yesterday? Do you believe the government should lift coronavirus restrictions? Let us know down below in the comments section.