Americans Know Trump Won't be Impeached

Democrats and progressive activists continue to call for the impeachment of President Trump. Just yesterday, a series of left-wing protesters took to the streets in order to rally for impeaching the president. This isn’t new, nor is it original. The fact remains that no matter how much radical leftists pitch their fits, when it’s all said and done, Trump will still be their president.

Believe it or not, the majority of Americans actually realize this. A new report from Fox News affirms that most voters do not believe that President Trump will ever be impeached.

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Voters’ Thoughts on Impeaching the President

To be clear, a total of 48% of voters are unsupportive of impeaching President Trump. While 43% do want to see Trump impeached, 56% of voters believe that the impeachment of Trump is “not at all” likely.” What these percentages indicate is that even amongst voters who do wish to see the president removed from office, most of them know it’s never going to happen.

When surveyed on the time which Congressional Democrats are devoting towards various investigations, 48% agreed that less time should be devoted towards investigating the Trump administration. This new data is very clear in providing a picture of where most Americans stand on the president, the bogus investigations, and these inane ramblings about impeachment.

Earlier this morning, President Trump also weighed in on the protests for impeachment which took place yesterday:

The Root of the Problem

Like many issues in the political arena, these ridiculous protests and calls for impeachment start from the top. In this case, the top is the Democrat leaders, especially those in positions of power, such as Congressional leaders. It is most unfortunate that top Democrats continue to enable these progressive protesters by occasionally throwing them a bone about impeachment.

The fact of the matter is that Trump’s critics have been talking about impeachment since the inception of his presidency. Re-election season is just about here and yet, Democrats are still ranting about impeachment.

Americans know it’s never going to happen. The president knows it’s never going to happen…and deep, deep down, Democrats also know it’s never going to happen.

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