America Could See An Uptick in Welfare Fraud

In the eyes of many Americans, the policies put through by the Biden administration are causing one problem after the next.

When Biden dismantled Keystone XL pipeline, working people lost their jobs and energy independence took a serious blow.

Following the president’s decision to reverse the immigration policies of the Trump administration, illegal immigration soared through the rooftops.

Right now, the Biden administration has cleared a new immigration measure that will give ID cards to illegal border crossers before they’re released into the nation.

Amid this latest development, the GOP is sounding the alarm, warning this could ultimately lead to welfare fraud, per Breitbart News.

A New Threat to National Security

On Biden’s watch, the Department of Homeland Security is backing the measure to hand over ID cards to people who have illegally entered the country. According to DHS, these ID cards will reduce costs incurred by the agency.

Republicans, on the other hand, have a very different view. GOP members on the House Oversight Committee recently wrote to DHS, warning this measure will cause major problems to America as a whole.

Some specific crises Republicans warn will follow are welfare fraud and Americans being priced out of benefits that are meant for them.

Likewise, GOP House Oversight Committee members cautioned that with ID cards, illegal immigrants will be able to get transportation, lodging, and various other advantages.

Naturally, the Biden administration is not backing down or thoughtfully taking these concerns into account. Then again, the White House has never let objections from Republicans play a serious role in its immigration reforms.

More Troubling News

Recently, reports also indicated the Biden administration is giving social security numbers to illegal immigrants. If these reports are true, then this opens a new can of worms altogether.

With social security numbers, authorities in America could have a much harder time telling illegal immigrants apart from US citizens.

Also with social security numbers and ID cards, illegal immigrants could very well be able to cast votes in elections. This is yet another issue Republicans have been warning about.

Thus far, the Biden administration has not weighed in on whether or not it’s giving social security cards to illegal immigrants. However, reports of this are certainly making the rounds on social media with Americans citing their concerns about the matter.

Many Americans have also stated it’s no coincidence that illegal immigrants are being given ID cards and possibly social security numbers months before the November midterms occur.

Do you think welfare fraud will increase in the United States if illegal immigrants are being given ID cards and then let into the country on their own recognizance? Please let us know what you think comes next in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.