Amazon Facing Accusations of Discrimination From New York

Amazon is a wildly popular delivery service used in more than 100 countries and regions. Unlike other competitors, Amazon has a reputation for delivering products ahead of schedule, sometimes even within 48 hours after they’ve been ordered.

In light of this, Amazon continues to do well. In fact, during lockdowns and COVID restrictions, the use of Amazon became even more common and widespread.

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However, despite the popularity of Amazon, there are pushes for its workers to unionize, something that’s been widely rejected.

On top of this, New York is now accusing the popular delivery service of discriminating against its employees who are either disabled or going through pregnancies, per The Hill.

A Closer Look at New York’s Accusations Against Amazon

Just yesterday, a complaint was submitted by a human rights watchdog in the state. According to the complaint, pregnant and disabled Amazon workers are not getting the accommodations necessary for their work, due to their conditions.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has released a statement on this matter as well. According to Hochul, her state has the best protections for workers and plans to ensure that Amazon is abiding by these rules.

In the complaints, the human rights watchdog claims that Amazon forced a pregnant woman to raise 25-pound packages, causing her to become injured.

From this point forward, Amazon is accused of later strong-arming this worker into accepting leave for an indefinite timeframe.

Amazon’s Version of the Story

It goes without saying that Amazon has a very different version of events than what’s being claimed by the state of New York.

According to a company spokesperson, Amazon prides itself on ensuring each of its workers is not only supported, but also safe.

The shipping company also claimed that it’s been cooperating with the probe into the employee reportedly injured after a manager forced her to lift a heavy package during a pregnancy.

In light of this reported cooperation, Amazon said it was surprised about the formal complaint which has been lodged by the state.

Finally, the company expressed that since it doesn’t have direct access to the complaint, it doesn’t have the ability to release any further information on this matter.

Unions, meanwhile, have jumped on this situation, saying that the human rights watchdog’s complaint against Amazon is all the more reason why company employees ought to unionize.

Despite unions having the support of Democrats and the current president, the numbers of American workers who actually want to unionize appear to be dwindling.

Do you believe that Amazon is subjecting its pregnant and disabled workers to discrimination? What do you think will come of the complaint filed by the state of New York? Please let us know about this in the comments area.