Almost Half of Americans Think Biden is Dividing the Nation

During the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden ran on a series of promises that he has since proven he lacks the wherewithal to make good on.

For instance, Biden stated he wouldn’t mandate COVID vaccines; however, he rapidly broke this promise. Thankfully, the Supreme Court shut down Biden’s largest mandate that would have extended to workers nationwide.

On the campaign trail, Biden also stated electing him would mean the eradication of cancer. Thus far, this hasn’t happened. The same is also true of the 46th president’s promise to eradicate COVID.

COVID cases (along with new variants and virus deaths) have soared through the roofs in the nearly one year that Biden’s been president.

However, one of the greatest promises of all that Biden broke is his commitment to unify the country. According to Breitbart News, almost five in ten Americans agree that his presidency is having the opposite impact on the United States.

The Divisive Nature of the Biden Presidency

Quinnipiac University ran a poll earlier this week that truly shines a light on what Americans think about the Biden presidency as it nears its one-year anniversary.

According to 49% of American citizens, the 46th president is doing more to divide the United States than he is to bring together the nation. Only 42% of Americans stated Biden is doing more to unify the country than to divide us.

While five in ten Independents think Biden’s done more to divide the nation, 92% of Republicans hold this viewpoint as well. However, more than eight in ten Democrats see the 46th president as a unifying leader.

Meanwhile, with nearly half of the country viewing Biden as a divisive president, only 33% of the American public approves of the job he’s doing in the White House.

Mounting Backlash

This week, Democrat Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin announced they would not be voting for the demise of the filibuster. This puts a significant dent in Biden’s plan to pass radical spending bills and elections overhaul legislation.

Furthermore, as of Saturday morning, #WorstPresidentEver has been trending on Twitter. Americans have been largely using this hashtag to vocalize their grievances with the Biden administration.

All of this comes on the heels of the United States Supreme Court delivering a fatal blow to Biden’s unlawful vaccination mandate that was aimed at businesses across the country with over 100 workers.

The writing on the wall is very clear here. The more tyrannical Biden becomes, the greater backlash he faces. It’s time for this administration to ride off into the sunset and recognize that growing numbers of Americans don’t like or want their leadership.

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