Almost 90% of Americans Agree Mental Health Crisis is Here


Since 2020, mental health has taken a significant nosedive in the United States, prompting a series of issues.

People are losing their minds after years of being bombarded with ever-changing messages and moving goalposts when it comes to COVID.

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Having the government come in and force people to shut down their businesses or not go to work hasn’t helped anyone. Neither have mandates in certain parts of the nation that ban unvaccinated people from getting service or admission into most venues.

People are going insane across the board and this is being reflected in myriad ways. Now, according to Breitbart News, a new poll shows that virtually all of the nation recognizes serious mental health problems are afoot.

What Americans Have to Say About Mental Health

Per a survey released by Suffolk University/USA Today this past Monday, a grand 87% of the country agrees there is an ongoing mental health crisis.

More than 59% of Americans additionally and collectively fault mental health issues for rises in school shootings, suicides, and addiction to alcohol and substances.

Some of the words that Americans used to describe 2021 are as follows: confusing, terrible, chaos, turmoil, and catastrophe. Roughly 5.5% of Americans polled about 2021 had positive things to say about the past year.

When lockdowns, shelter in place orders, business shutdowns, and other measures were implemented, many people warned about the adverse mental health impacts they would have.

However, these concerns were largely dismissed and shrugged off by folks who advocated for these measures. Now, the results of the ongoing mental health crisis are here; in one way or another, everyone is being impacted.

Restoring Mental Health to American Society

At this point in time, one of the best ways this country can restore mental health in society is doing away with its impediments.

This means that after two years, Americans have more than enough information to determine what choices they want to make amid COVID and omicron.

People don’t need government mandates imposed upon them. These mandates are not doing anything to stop the spread of COVID. All mandates have done is worsen divides between Americans, cause conflict, and put more people on edge.

Last week, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke about “malaise” that is present in the United States. What Harris didn’t mention is that her own party, the Democrat Party, bears an overwhelming majority of responsibility for this malaise.

It is Democrats who have been the driving forces behind mandates, kicking people out of their jobs, and otherwise depriving individuals of their rights to make their own medical choices without coercion.

What do you think about the status of mental health in the United States? Let us know in the comments section if you believe things will get better or worse.