All U.S. Adults to be Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine on April 19

Across the nation, states are working to get Americans immunized against coronavirus. Many people have already received at least one shot, whereas others are fully vaccinated against the infamous virus. 

At this time, most adults in the country are eligible to receive a COVID-19 shot; the specifics vary across different state lines and requirements. However, this is something that the Biden administration aims to change. 

“COVID-19 vaccination record card, Vaccin” (CC BY 2.0) by

On Tuesday, the Biden White House announced some big news regarding U.S. adults’ eligibility to receive the coronavirus vaccine, as reported by Washington Examiner

What to Know About April 19, 2021

Last month, President Biden set May 1, 2021 as the deadline for which all adults in the United States would be eligible for vaccination against coronavirus. Yesterday, however, Biden moved this deadline up to Monday, April 19. 

On Tuesday, Biden delivered televised remarks about COVID-19 and the nation’s work to beat this virus. According to the Democrat president, America remains in a “life-and-death” competition against coronavirus. After making this point, Biden informed that all adults throughout the nation will be eligible to get a coronavirus vaccine by the 19th of this month. 

Biden also made sure to urge all Americans to get vaccinated. Additional comments from the Democrat president involved the claim that the COVID-19 vaccine remains effective against various, reported new virus strains. 

Debates Surrounding the COVID-19 Vaccine

Republicans and Democrats alike are encouraging Americans to get vaccinated against coronavirus when they can; however, the emergence of vaccine passports has created a new divide. 

Governments and certain private sector entities are working to implement vaccine passport programs. New York started its statewide vaccine passport program five days ago; meanwhile, Hawaii is also exploring vaccine passport requirements for travel and other activities. 

Republicans are progressively coming out in full force against vaccine passports. Countless GOP lawmakers have condemned such programs as dangerous. Meanwhile, Republican governors in both Texas and Florida have actually signed executive orders to prohibit the presence of vaccine passports in their states. 

Additional GOP governors have also stated their nonsupport for vaccine passports; some of these Republican leaders are furthermore expected to sign executive orders that ban vaccine passports statewide. 

What do you think about President Biden moving up the vaccine eligibility date from May 1 to April 19? Do you have any concerns about the implementation of vaccine passports here in the United States? Let us know down below in the comments section.