Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Threatening Bankers For Lending To People She Doesn't Agree With

Newly elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to serve as glaring evidence of the reality that is liberal fascism. Ocasio-Cortez’s latest move is to target the finances of organizations which displease her, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Latest Move by AOC

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is now calling for the essential defunding of private prisons which shelter illegal immigrants. Apparently, she believes these private prisons should not have profits; during remarks to Make The Road New York, Ocasio-Cortez stated that it is “wrong” for bankers to provide funding to the aforementioned facilities.
See for yourself in the video below:

Ocasio-Cortez’s remarks come as she maintains her position as a member of the House Financial Services Committee.

The Slippery Slope

From a purely objective standpoint, what Ocasio-Cortez is advocating for is a very slippery slope. Time and time again, it’s been proven that when the far-left is given an inch, they run a mile. What’s to say that other members of the left won’t start calling for the defunding of organizations which they deem as “wrong?”
The one silver lining to this all is that the Democrats are no longer pretending to be reasonable or moderate. They’re putting it all out there and letting the country know exactly who they are…and it’s happening with election season right around the corner.
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