Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Hides Thousands of Dollars Spent on Campaign!

A recent ethics complaint revealed that New York Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who previously hinted at a presidential run in 2024, concealed thousands of dollars in campaign money.

The Federal Election Commission reports that more than $9,600 of credit card expenditures didn’t have any information regarding the purpose of the spending.

AOC does what she knows best; lies

The complaint is being filed by the Coolidge Reagan Foundation, which has tackled similar cases in the past, with some degree of effectiveness.

Dan Backer touched on the matter in more detail, criticizing AOC’s constant violations of campaign financing laws, referring to the tens of thousands she’d spent throughout last year without ever citing what for.

In fact, this is a recurring problem with AOC. The spending reports never fully reveal what the expense was for and the total sum of the money actually spent on her campaign is consistently lower than what was paid to her.

While campaigns are still allowed to use charge cards, the spending reports must accurately describe what the money was spent on, as well as who the recipient was, which is never the case with AOC and her staffers.

It seems AOC and money just don’t mix together all too well. She’s recently faced criticism for “impermissible gifts” during her appearance at the Met Gala two years ago.

Double standards

The Met Gala incident pertains to her wearing a dress that had “Eat The Rich” written over it, all the while accepting free tickets to the event, ones that would normally set her back around $35,000.

Her attorney tried to save what little dignity she had left after the event, claiming the matter never even came close to a violation of federal law.

It most certainly did, considering the Office of Congressional Ethics found that she violated both the standards of conduct and federal law.

To no one’s surprise, AOC’s office didn’t respond to any requests for comment after the reveal; we’ll be pleasantly surprised if this whole thing isn’t swept under the rug by Biden’s elite task force.

AOC definitely created an image for herself, one that’s been a thorn in the eye of every conservative in the US; she’s joined Biden in demonizing the GOP on more than one occasion.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.