Airlines Struggling to Get Workers on the Beat


Since the days leading up to Christmas Day 2021, the steady cancellation of various flights has been a major bother. Numerous travelers found themselves in for a rough holiday season as hundreds to thousands of flights were grounded.

Many travelers went on social media to furthermore blast airlines for issues they faced when trying to get booked on alternative flights or refunded. Airlines have apologized for the inconvenience; however, this isn’t good enough.

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Earlier this week, the former CEO of Spirit Airlines weighed in on what could be leading to so many airlines having to shut down flights that travelers paid to take.

The reason reportedly boils down to a lack of communication between airline workers who schedule flights and the operations teams who have access to the available levels of pilots, gates, flight attendants, etc.

Poor weather in places like Washington D.C., Chicago, and other areas played a role as well; so has the considerable numbers of airline workers who are unable to do their jobs, due to COVID.

Thus far, this week has seen a continuation of flights being shut down, much to the annoyance of countless travelers, as Fox Business confirms.

A Closer Look at This Week’s Flight Cancellations

Yesterday, thousands of flights wound up getting axed. This, unfortunately, follows after a weekend that saw thousands of flights cancelled, leaving many travelers across the United States in quite a bind.

However, this week brings more troubling news. Days ago, reports broke of Spirit and United Airlines offering major pay increases to airline employees to get them back to work.

This effort to bring an end to flight cancellations is not rendering so much success, though. Many airline workers are hesitant to take on more shifts, despite the incentive of more pay.

With a fair amount of workers calling off the job because of COVID and/or omicron, this presents real tribulations that airlines are going to have to solve.

Over the weekend, the Federal Aviation Administration made sure to mention that climate problems are also contributing factors in flights that are being grounded by different airlines.

Did Airlines Bring This on Themselves?

Last year, multiple airlines took it upon themselves to give the boot to a percentage of their workers who refused to take the vaccine against COVID.

However, as many people have already pointed out at this moment, if airlines had these workers available, they might not have to ground so many flights.

Apparently, when airlines released unvaccinated workers, they thought these staffers were expendable; now, one could easily make the case that these companies are quite literally paying the price for this decision.

When do you think flight cancellations will finally be resolved and come to an end? We’d like to read your predictions in the comments section below.