Airlines Employ New Strategy to End Flight Cancellations

The cancellation of various flights has been a real issue since the days before Christmas 2021. Hundreds to thousands of flights have been cancelled since then, leaving travelers in a significant bind.

Airlines have also apparently been struggling with issues when it comes to getting customers on cancelled flights rebooked or refunded for the money they spent. It’s causing some serious problems, to say the least.

Unfortunately, these issues have not subsided upon the arrival of the new year. On New Year’s Day alone, at least hundreds of flights were cancelled.

This subsequently prompted several airlines to take actions that will hopefully put an end to flight cancellations once and for all, as documented by Fox Business.

The Latest Endeavors to Stop Flight Cancellations

At this time, bottlenecks in the airline industry are still being attributed to workers calling in sick, due to coming down with omicron or coming into contact with the virus.

In light of the shortages, airlines are now working on making it more appealing for workers to come in. Spirit Airlines, for example, is doubling the wages of their employees who work shifts between this point and the 4th of January.

United Airlines, on the other hand, is tripling the wages of pilots who take on extra work over the course of this month. Meanwhile, JetBlue Airlines has been forced to actually cut back their flight schedule, due to a shortage of workers on the beat.

Even the CDC involved itself in the work to get flights up and running again. The health agency cut in half the amount of time that individuals who come into contact with COVID should quarantine.

Per the CDC, a five-day quarantine is better than the original ten-day quarantine. The health agency also stated self-isolation for five days after contact strikes an appropriate balance between public health and the wellness of society.

Will It Work?

The ongoing flight cancellations carrying into the new year pose a major problem for airline companies. Time will ultimately determine whether or not pay raises and the change in guidance from the CDC are enough to get flights on track.

On social media, some people have opined that by firing unvaccinated airline workers, companies contributed to the shortages that are now ravaging the industry and interrupting travelers’ plans.

Many Americans have flights coming up, especially those who are returning from trips taken over the Christmas or New Year holidays.

For the sake of everyone involved, it would be best for airlines to get ahold of this situation, even if it means rehiring some of the unvaccinated workers they fired.

Do you think pay increases are the answer to doing away with flight cancellations and getting things back on track? Let us know in the comments area.