Airline Industry One Week into Mass Flight Disruptions


Holiday travel is very well-known for reaching high levels. During the holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, people want to go to different places, be with their loved ones, and otherwise enjoy themselves.

This year, however, has posed some significant challenges for holiday travel. Things were all fine and dandy for Thanksgiving. However, Christmas travel is an entirely different story.

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One week ago today, reports surged about flights being cancelled by airlines in mass numbers. This understandably made headlines and left impacted travelers and other people with lots of questions.

Fast forward to today and bottlenecked flights are still very much a problem, as Fox Business confirms.

The Latest Updates on Flight Cancellations in America

Thousands of flights are still getting cancelled, whereas thousands more are being delayed. This is, yet again, being attributed to the omicron variant, along with subsequent staffing shortages for airlines.

One official with JetBlue Airlines has provided some insight into the situation. Apparently, these airlines went into the holiday season with ample numbers of staff members on the beat.

However, in light of various workers calling in sick, airlines are having to make some adjustments. Sometimes, these adjustments entail getting travelers on different flights that are still scheduled to go.

This is not possible for every single traveler who is subjected to a flight cancellation. JetBlue also stated that as a means of making things easier for customers, they’re actually dialing down their flight schedules until the 13th of January.

Surging Frustrations Amongst Travelers

It’s bad enough that so many travelers are having to endure flight cancellations. However, what’s even more of an issue is what’s happening after these flights are pulled.

Some travelers claim various airlines are giving them a hard time about refunding their money, in light of the flights being cancelled. Furthermore, there are additional reports on social media about various airline customer service agents not being of help.

This comes on top of troubles that travelers are having with trying to get themselves rebooked onto flights that are heading to their intended destinations.

With news that JetBlue is rolling back its schedule until mid-January, this will only make it harder for people who may be planning to travel for the new year. Needless to say, the rising frustrations amongst travelers don’t bode well for airlines.

Many people are opining on social media that airlines need to do a better job with refunds and with rebookings.

What do you think about the latest information regarding flight cancellations in the United States? What do you think the new year will look like in terms of flight schedules and air travel? Let us know what you think is going to happen down below.