Aftermath of Nashville School Shooting Becomes More Complex

In late March, Americans were devastated when a transgender shooter entered the Nashville-based Covenant School and killed six people. Three of these people were young kids who will never get to grow up or live their lives.

Right now, there’s still a lot of work underway to ensure the public can read the shooter’s manifesto and find out more information.

However, right now, authorities in Tennessee are not cooperating. The Nashville Police Department even claims that court litigation has to work itself out before the manifesto can be approved for public view.

Despite all of this, the aftermath of the mass shooting has gotten even more complicated, due to actions taken by Covenant School itself, according to the New York Post.

What’s Really Going on Here?

Right now, Covenant School is requesting the court to essentially allow it to block the release of the March shooter’s manifesto. The specific verbiage is that the Christian school aims to shield its “interest” pertaining to this matter.

The timing of this request from Covenant School comes after various groups filed a lawsuit earlier this month to no longer have the manifesto kept under wraps.

The school is also on record claiming that if certain records are open for all to see, then its own interests and those of its individual employees may become compromised.

Shady Stuff

It doesn’t take a genius to see that a lot of folks apparently have a vested stake in the mass shooter’s manifesto never getting out to the public.

Ironically, this is creating an even higher demand to read the manifesto, as members of the general public work to find out what the powers that be have to hide.

Americans will have to keep waiting and seeing how this all plays out and if Covenant School succeeds in its legal efforts to keep the manifesto hidden.