After Nashville Massacre, Trans Community Fears Backlash

The recent massacre in Nashville by transgender-identifying individual Audrey Hale shocked the nation. This person went inside a Christian school and mowed down three small kids and three teachers before being killed herself.

There is evidence that Hale targeted the school due to its Christian beliefs and planned to harm her own family as well for not having accepted her desire to be a boy.

As families mourn and Christians wonder what is going on in America, liberal media outlets like NPR are focused on something completely different: they’re focused on spreading sympathy for transgender people.

Yes, seriously.

Liberal Media Insanity

NPR’s Adrian Florido recently devoted a show to fears from the trans community, saying they’re worried about being victims of a revenge attack.

Most trans people aren’t murderers obviously, but some are. The violence and suicide rates among trans people are much higher than the national average. Those are just facts, no matter how the left feels about them.

Spreading Stupidity

As we see the narrative spreading that trans people are the real victims, we need to stay very alert. This is an outrage. This is not true.

This fringe ideology which has been boosted by woke corporations and leftists has been growing every year and being forced on young kids in school, in TV shows, and in every way possible.

It’s now being boosted by brands like Bud Lite and more, but we’re supposed to believe trans are the real ones in danger?

The people in danger are young kids and regular folks who don’t have an interest in this extreme ideology being part of their lives.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your beliefs or position on transgenderism, there is no reason that a group deserves special treatment. The ones in danger and being violently threatened right now are Christians and conservatives.

The idea of now focusing on the hurt feelings of transgender radicals is absolutely insane.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.