A Man Told His Girlfriend To Run As He Was Murdered. It Lead To An International Manhunt That Put Her Behind Bars

Not everything is as it appears to be.
This is certainly the case as it pertains to a convoluted criminal case in which alleged killer Aurea Vazquez Rijos was convicted for murder. Despite her assertions of innocence, Vazquez Rijos is said to have executed her husband,  Adam Anhang, a millionaire from Canada, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Everything You Need to Know

Vazquez Rijo is set to carry out a life sentence for the murder of her late husband. Vazquez Rijo’s former boyfriend Jose Ferrer Sosa and her sister Marcia Vazquez Rijos will also be serving life sentences of their own. The trio is said to have engaged in a plot to kill her ex-husband and gain ownership of his money, while subsequently avoiding the authorities after the success of the execution.
Anhang died in 2005. This is also the same year in which he married Vazquez Rijo after she deceived him into believing she was pregnant. Although the supposed pregnancy turned out to be a lie, Anhang still stayed with his wife. However, at some point, he elected to hire a bodyguard, apparently fearing for his own safety.
It turns out that Anhang had good reason to be concerned. Eventually, he and Vazquez Rijo agreed to divorce and met for dinner. For some reason, Anhang’s bodyguard did not accompany him to the dinner. Shortly thereafter, he was killed by a drug dealer who Vazquez Rijo allegedly hired.
After Anhang’s death, Vazquez Rijo sued his family for his millions and then left for Italy. Eventually, Anhang’s family caught onto what was happening and employed the services of a private investigator. Due to the work of the investigator and the authorities, Vazquez Rijo was manipulated into going to Spain where she was promptly apprehended by authorities.
Between the time of Anhang’s murder and her life sentence, Vazquez Rijo entered into a series of relationships with men and even had children in order to secure citizenship in various countries.
Despite her conviction, Aurea Vazquez Rijos still maintains that she is innocent of the charges against her.
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