66% of American Voters Want Schools Reopened

"NYSE" (CC BY 2.0) by Brian Glanz

The need to reopen schools isn’t one that can face credible denials. Countless data and studies show that children are struggling; these struggles are due to the notable amount of time children are missing from classrooms, education, and meaningful social interactions with peers.

Democrat leaders are taking a lot of heat right now. From President Biden on down, countless Democrat politicians are showing where their priorities lie. Unfortunately, the priorities entail the happiness of the teachers’ unions, a body which has consistently opposed reopening schools for one reason or another.

“School Bus” (Public Domain) by merripat

Despite the teachers’ unions, most Americans are able to see that the need to reopen schools outweighs the tender sensibilities of the liberal teachers’ unions. This is why 66% of U.S. voters are now supportive of getting schools reopened, according to Breitbart News.

Strong Support for Getting Schools Reopened

According to a poll from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), 66% of American voters support getting schools reopened. The survey additionally shows that voters across almost each “major subgroup” strongly support reopening schools across the nation.

Democrats, in their support for keeping schools closed, are only hurting their own party. Additional reports from the NRCC poll show that 60% of Independent voters are less likely to vote for Democrats who back ongoing school closures; furthermore, the same sentiment applies to 62% of American voters.

The 2022 Reckoning

The National Republican Congressional Committee remains confident that the GOP will regain the House majority next year. Moreover, according to the NRCC, the unpopularity of Pelosi and her policies will ultimately bring about the loss of several House Democrats’ seats. Meanwhile, House Republicans only need five more seats to regain the majority.

In this year alone, the CDC has released an abundance of information; in this information, the nation can see that keeping schools shut down does nothing to stop coronavirus.

Meanwhile, though, left-wing teachers’ unions continue to foolishly insist that school reopenings are racist; furthermore, these same teachers’ unions believe that schools which remain closed should continue to receive funding from the government.

In the months ahead, Americans will ultimately see how the Democrats’ approach towards schools impacts their results in the 2022 midterm elections.

What do you think about the latest details from the National Republican Congressional Committee’s survey? Are you supportive of reopening schools and getting children back into the classrooms with their peers? Let us know your position on this in the comments section down below.