55% of Voters Think Media Treats Biden with Kid Gloves

"IMG_0825a" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Elvert Barnes

During the Trump administration’s time in power, the mainstream media didn’t even pretend to be non-biased. The liberal press consistently trashed the 45th president and the aides working for him. Reporters opined on what they viewed as the horrors of the Trump presidency, rather than doing their jobs and factually covering events.

“Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

With the Biden administration in power, the media has taken the polar opposite approach. They’re not covering news in a non-biased manner; only this time, the press is singing the praises of Biden and his aides, practically salivating over how wonderful they think this current administration is.
Newsmax is now reporting that 55% of American voters believe that the media treats the 46th president and his administration with kid gloves.

The Rasmussen Reports Survey

On Thursday, Rasmussen Reports released quite the telling survey. In this survey, 55% described the press as “less aggressive” in their questions towards Biden than they were when asking questions of Trump.
Meanwhile, 27% described the level of questioning aggression as the same as when Trump was in power. Just a lone 13% believed that the media is more aggressive with Biden now than they were with Trump during his presidency.

The breakdown gets even more interesting when reviewing the answers’ links to partisanship. 77% of Republicans see the media as less aggressive with Biden than with Trump; only 33% of Democrats and 55% of unaffiliated voters share the same outlook.

Controversies Stemming from the Biden White House

Most Americans see that the media treats Biden very differently than Trump; however, this hasn’t stopped the Biden White House from running into media-related controversies.
Jen Psaki, the current press secretary of the White House, faced backlash for repeatedly declining to do her job and answer questions. Instead, Psaki often declared that she would “circle back” with reporters later. Since this backlash, the press secretary has promised to “circle back” much less frequently than she did before.

Communications aides in the Biden White House have also come under fire for seeking the media’s questions ahead of time. Critics stated that seeking access to questions before they are asked hampers integrity and the transparency of answers that will be given.
What do you think about the latest survey from Rasmussen Reports? Do you believe the media treats the 46th president and current administration with kid gloves? Let us know where you stand on this in the comments section below.