50% of House Democrat Caucus Supports Medicare-for-All

Half of House Democrats are now behind Medicare-for-All, according to Breitbart News. This shouldn’t really be shocking to anyone who has been paying attention to the present political climate. The left-wing has openly embraced socialism at this point and thrown their support behind radical members of the Democrat Party. During the first Democrat primary debate, virtually all of the candidates affirmed their support for Medicare-for-All.

Reviewing the Progressive Support for Medicare-for-All

Yesterday House Rep. Salud Carbajal became the latest sponsor of the socialist Medicare-for-All proposal. This now means that half of Democrats within the House of Representatives champion kicking hardworking Americans off their private healthcare and forcing them into government-controlled healthcare. This is very unfortunate, but Democrats know exactly what they’re doing and they know that Medicare-for-All will cause taxpayers to lose more of their hard-earned income.

The Dangers of Socialism and Big Government

“Healthcare is a human right” is a narrative which the left-wing has been promoting for quite some time now. They’re using it to justify socialist programs, such as Medicare-for-All. Of course, this is all smoke and mirrors being perpetrated for political reasons. Only recently have Democrats come out and admitted that Medicare-for-All would raise taxes on the middle class.

What progressives have yet to mention is that the quality of provided care and the extent of wait times tend to worsen once government gets their hands in healthcare. This is something which Democrats will probably never admit to the public because the left-wing is obsessed with big government.

They believe that bringing in government into every aspect of the American people’s life will prove to be helpful; in reality, this strategy will only decimate earnings and drive this country into the ground.

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