4 Burglars Break Into Man's Home — He Shoots Them All

We’ve all heard the age-old saying: play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Four individuals learned this lesson the hard way when they broke into the home of an American who also happened to be a gun owner, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Closer Look at What Happened

In the wee morning hours of January 3, 2019, an Arizonian man awoke to discover his home being invaded by four people. According to an eyewitness, the man alerted the invaders of his presence in the home by repeatedly turning the lights on and off. This was the invaders’ chance to abandon their attempt to break into the home, but of course, they failed to heed the warning.
After the provision of the alert, the four individuals proceeded to force their way into the man’s back door and break his nearby window. As one might guess, this prompted the Arizonian to open fire. Each of the multiple rounds made direct and substantial contact with the home invaders.

The Importance of the Second Amendment

The story above can serve many valuable lessons. First comes the importance of not breaking the law and doing the wrong thing. Another takeaway can be the wisdom of heeding warnings or the reality that foolish actions often engender undesirable consequences.
However, one of the most paramount aspects of all is the importance of the Second Amendment. The state of Arizona is very pro-gun and the fact that the Arizonian resident had a gun and was able to use it makes a difference. Who knows what would have transpired if the four invaders had successfully achieved their criminal goals?
The people of this nation have the right to bear arms; furthermore, this story is a prime example as to why the Second Amendment is so crucial. If you happen to wake up to your home being invaded, you’re going to want the ability to protect yourself from those who mean to do you harm.
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