2024 GOP Potentials Have an Interesting Road Ahead

The 2024 presidential election is quickly coming up. This will be an opportunity for the GOP to regain some political clout after having a rough time in the past few elections. It’ll also be a season in which Democrats try to rack up even more political wins.

However, the dynamics of the 2024 GOP primary are already being laid out. So far, former President Trump is the only one to announce he’s running for president. However, there is much anticipation and eagerness for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to also declare his candidacy in the race.

A series of polls have shown DeSantis either beating Trump for the GOP nomination or being only a few points behind Trump. In other words, the Florida governor looks to be the candidate with the greatest shot of stopping Trump from getting the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nomination.

Amid all of this, other GOP members who are considering running in the 2024 presidential election have to find their own way of standing out, per The Hill.

A Question Mark For Other Republicans

Various GOP members who are viewed as potential 2024 candidates include former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, former Vice President Mike Pence, former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, etc.

Though so far, none of these candidates have garnered the level of clout and buzz surrounding DeSantis. That’s despite the fact that the Florida governor hasn’t even formally announced that he’s going to run in this upcoming election.

If there are too many candidates in the 2024 presidential election, they also run the risk of collectively drowning themselves out. Candidates outside of DeSantis who want to seriously give Trump a run for their money will have to show Republican voters that they stand a chance of doing so.

Thus far, this hasn’t happened and there’s no clear sign that the dynamics of the 2024 presidential election will change anytime soon.

Stay Tuned

The months ahead will show Americans who else runs for president and what their chances are of securing the GOP nomination.┬áThus far, it’s clear that Joe Biden is very likely going to persue a second term.

At this time, the polls show that if DeSantis faced Biden in a 2024 general election, DeSantis would win by a few points. Polls likewise show that putting Trump up against Biden would lead to Biden becoming a two-term president.

At this point in time, there is no clear indicator of what’s going to happen moving forward, as it pertains to GOP primary candidates. Nevertheless, it’s certainly a matter worth following for Republican voters.

Do you think other Republicans, aside from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are going to potentially run for the White House in 2024? Please let us know in the comments area below.