2019 Shows Illegal Immigrants Flooding The Border In Numbers Not Seen In 12 Years

If you listen to the Democrats and progressives, you’ll hear claims that illegal immigration at the United States Southern border is lower than it’s ever been.
However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll realize how misleading the aforementioned claim is. The unfortunate reality is that, in this year alone, illegal immigrants are sneaking across the border in numbers which haven’t been seen in 12 years, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Rise in Illegal Immigration at the Southern Border

In January, a whopping total of nearly 58,000 illegal immigrants were taken into custody at the Southern border. That number skyrocketed to 70,000 in February and with March officially upon us, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has already predicted even higher increases in illegal immigration.
Despite the left-wing’s attempt to downplay the existence and dangers of illegal immigration, it is a very real and serious plight. Carla Provost, the chief of Border Patrol, expressed this in great detail during her testimony to the House Judiciary Committee.
In her own words:

“Each day, nearly 25 percent of my agents are diverted away from our border security mission to care for, transport and process family members and unaccompanied children. We know that when agents are occupied, narcotics smugglers, criminal aliens, gang members and others use the opportunity to violate our borders and our laws.”

The Importance of Border Security

When President Trump and conservatives talk about illegal immigration, the numbers and the testimony of Provost are a prime example of existing concerns. This is why the president is fighting so hard for border security and it’s why he declared a national emergency last month. Democrats would rather stick their heads in the sand keep putting forth lackluster legislation which virtually enables unlawful border crossings. That’s not going to happen anymore.
We truly are living in a state of emergency when illegal immigrants are continuing to pour into the country at alarmingly increasing rates.
What do you think about the numbers regarding illegal immigration in 2019? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!
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