20% of Biden Voters Regret Their Vote


In the time that Joe Biden has been president, a lot has changed. For starters, energy independence is gone, thanks to Biden clashing America’s Keystone XL pipeline, while simultaneously giving a Russian pipeline the all-clear.

Biden’s also managed to embolden terrorists to the tune of the Taliban now having full control of Afghanistan. This comes on top of our nation’s southern border which is wide open and our economy that’s in shambles, thanks to inflation.

The president has repeatedly claimed that with him in the White House, America is stronger than ever. It goes without saying that notable swaths of the nation disagree. In fact, Breitbart News is reporting that 20% of Americans who voted for Biden now regret their vote.

Buyer’s Remorse in Politics

If anyone can make people regret their vote, it’s certainly President Biden. The president has already broken several promises to his own base; one of those promises was not to raise taxes on the middle class. Yet, as many Republicans have noted, inflation is a tax on everyone.

According to Zogby, 20% of people who cast their vote for Biden in the 2020 presidential election would like to take it back. It’s also interesting that voters between the ages of 18 and 49 regretted their votes for Biden more than older Americans between the ages of 50-65 and higher.

Republicans and urban Americans who voted for Biden also regretted it more than their Democrat, rural, and suburban counterparts. It’s also worth noting that this data from Zogby arrived before the crisis in Afghanistan when the Taliban took over.

There’s a very real possibility that since this poll and since the fallout in Afghanistan, even more Americans who helped get Biden into office now regret it.

A Lesson for the Future

Biden voters who now regret getting this president into the White House can learn a lesson for the future. The same also applies to the Biden voters who don’t yet regret their votes, but will eventually come to have regrets in the future.

Biden’s presidency is a living example of what happens when Democrats are voted into power. Taxes, regulations, and other crushing elements are put above policies that would actually benefit the United States first.

In the time that Biden has been president, self-professed voters of his have complained about prices going up. Many of these people who voted for Biden believed that he would make things easier for them, not worse.

However, the only people Biden’s making things easier for are the Russian government, the Chinese government, and the Taliban. Hopefully, Biden voters with regrets will remember why they have these regrets, come 2022 and 2024.

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